News From the Office

Dear Parents,

 The School staff continues to work at helping the students prepare to be responsible citizens in all areas and aspects of their lives.  We work on helping students achieve academically as well as socially, emotionally and physically.  We know that many of the skills we work on at school such as manners, compassion, respect, empathy, organization and many others help to prepare the students to be successful in their lives and the world of work.  Our goal is to help each child achieve to their highest potential, the work we do as a learning team (parents, community and staff) helps us continually bring our students closer to achieving this goal.  We thank you for your continued work, effort and support in our work with your child!

We look forward to a number of events in February; Teacher’s Convention (teachers get to go to classes to learn), Valentine’s Day, National Anti-bully day and 100 Days of School.  Classroom teachers will send more info home regarding these events, and others as we confirm.

I hope that you have a wonderful February.

Stacy McGowan