The Kindergarten classes have had a very busy year filled with learning and fun activities which has helped the students to gain new knowledge and skills for their futures. Throughout the year, the students have had many learning experiences to enhance their cognitive and social skills. Every day, they continue to practice their printing , numeracy  and literacy skills in their classroom setting.

In the middle of April, the Kindergarten classes celebrated  100 days at school. Both classes rotated around the Kindergarten classrooms and participated in crafts involving the number 100. The Kindergarten teachers feel it is essential to have the students collaborate with  other students their age, from different classes. This was a very exciting day for the students and lots of fun and learning was had by all!

Throughout the months of May and June, the Kindergarten classes will be learning about community awareness and how people work in their careers. During the month of May, the classes had the opportunity to go the Edson Fire hall.

In June, we will be visiting Edson Airport, Edson Community Garden, Switzer Park and the Edson Splash Park!! June is a very busy month for our students at school so please ensure your child is well rested and always has plenty of nutritious snacks!

We are looking forward to our “Kindergarten Graduation” which will take place on  Thursday June, 29th. Please look for the time in your child’s classroom newsletter for June.

We would like to thank all the parents and volunteers who have helped make our year successful for the students. Your children  continue to grow and learn on a daily basis; you should be proud!